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How to Choose The Best Algae Eater for Aquarium

An aquarium is a very delicately balanced ecosystem that requires special attention when an imbalance occurs in order to keep the residents alive and healthy. The environmental issues could range from pH complications to an overproduction of algae. With the health of the occupants in mind, the best algae eater for freshwater aquariums is a natural source rather than using harsh chemicals.

Snails are a fun way to rid the tank of algae and are a favorite among children. A great choice is the Ramshorn snail which has a voracious appetite and requires little space. They come in a wide selection of colors that can be matched to the scheme of your tank. There are two points against the snail however, they will eat any plants in the tank and can reproduce very rapidly.

There are also several species of fish that can accomplish your control needs. The right choice of fish can add beauty and diversity to your tank. You must consider your current fish community and the size of the tank before making a choice of an algae-eating fish to prevent aggressive behavior and possible loss.

The Butterfly Goodeid has an adult size between 3 and 5 inches, with a big appetite. This fish can be aggressive to other fish so an enthusiast should carefully consider the tank community before adding them to the tank or keeping them in a species-only aquarium. The Goodeid fish require a well-filtered environment due to a strong sensitivity to poor water conditions.

The American Flag fish is a favorite with brilliant coloring and an easy manner. With an adult size of approximately 2 inches, they do not need a large tank to thrive. Another great choice is the Otocinclus catfish which also has a small demand for space and will not harm plants.

A common pleco is well-loved by observers with large fins and easy behavior. This fish will grow very large and has a tendency to jump from the tank making many owners reluctant to keep them. They require ample space and a lid to maintain them.

A good algae eater is the Bristlenose catfish. These are very commonly seen in pet shops. They are very hearty and perfect for smaller tanks, which makes them a favorite for those new to the care of an aquarium or who have little time to devote to the tank.

If you are looking to diversify your tank, consider adding s few shrimps to your community. Amano and Cherry shrimp are both great eaters, they are peaceful and will not damage plants. Shrimp can be sensitive to the condition of the water in the tank so it is best to have an established environment before attempting to introduce them.

Knowing that your aquarium is a delicately balanced system, it is important to find the best algae eater for a freshwater aquarium. Many chemicals can damage the quality of the water as a result have an impact on the health of your inhabitants. Natural means to manage the problem work in nature, why not use the same techniques to add diversity and beauty to your tank?

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