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Best Fish Tank Heater

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The benefit of the heater is that it keeps the water at an exact temperature. You would possibly have filled the aquarium with water at room temperature; however, that’s not a guarantee that it’ll stay that way. You wish for a heater to keep it within the best range for your pets in the fish tank. Depending on the type of fish you’ve got in the tank, the requirement for a heater may not have been important before. Some varieties of fish will need a higher temperature to survive than the room temperature.

This means having a heater to raise the temperature. The heater is also necessary for maintaining the water temperature. This is necessary so that the temperature of the water doesn’t create a stressful environment for the fish. It is just like for humans: you do not want to be in an environment where the temperature will change suddenly or often.


Tank SizeHeat
5 Degrees C
9 Degrees F
10 Degrees C
18 Degrees F
15 Degrees C
27 Degrees F
5 Gallon/20 Liter25 watt50 watt75 watt
10 Gallon/40 Liter50 watt75 watt75 watt
20 Gallon/75 Liter50 watt75 watt150 watt
25 Gallon/100 Liter75 watt100 watt200 watt
40 Gallon/150 Liter100 watt150 watt300 watt
50 Gallon/200 Liter150 watt200 watttwo 200 watt
65 Gallon/250 Liter200 watt250 watttwo 250 watt
75 Gallon/300 Liter250 watt300 watttwo 300 watt

Here are some best fish tank heaters

Cobalt Aquatics

Cobalt fish tank heater

Cobalt Aquatics NEO-Therm totally submersible electronic heaters feature a modern, super flat style with a simple-to-set “one-touch” control system. The advanced electronic thermostat is accurate to ± 0.5ºF and includes a led that displays the set temperature and tank temperature at the same time. 

It has a set temperature range from 66ºF up to 96ºF. For ultimate safety and reliability, integrated thermal protection circuitry shuts the heater down before it overheats, and its shatterproof outer casing makes the NEO-therm virtually indestructible. Excellent for freshwater and saltwater aquariums and terrariums



It is made of PTC, an oxide ceramic, won’t get fired or broken like glass fish tank heaters, has a longer service life and is much safer than normal fish tank heaters. After setting the temperature you want, an automatic switch device and a temperature detection system, this fish heater can be turned off automatically when it reaches your pre-set temperature and can also turn on automatically when it is below your set, making it a pleasant and easy operation.

Fluval M

Fluval M

The Fluval M Submersible Fish Tank Heater’s quality manufacturing utilizes superior components and construction. The Fluval M 200 Watts Electronic Heater is good for use in aquariums up to 65 gallons and has a temperature range of 66–86 degrees Fahrenheit. This sleek, compact heater will be sure to deliver exceptional performance and unsurpassed reliability. Unique only to the Fluval “M” series, the reflective technology equipped within the Fluval M Submersible Fish Tank Heater helps maintain the aquarium’s natural look because the heater reflects the colors of the surroundings. The heater is submersible and safe to operate.

Eheim Jager

Eheim Jager

All 9 EHEIM Heater models are 100% submersible and come with a brand new TruTemp dial that allows the user to recalibrate the heater within a +/- 0.5F degree accuracy for precise temperature readings. They also come with Thermo safety control that protects against running dry. When the water level decreases too low, it will turn off on its own. It is made of shock-resistant and shatterproof glass for fresh or marine water. On/off indicator light for at-a-glance monitoring.

FREESEA Led Heater

FREESEA Led Heater

Easy to use and safe; touch button; cyclic temperature adjustment; Automatic constant temperature operation: once the water temperature reaches the specified temperature value, the heater can automatically stop heating. Once the water temperature is below the set temperature, the heater can automatically begin heating. This heater is for 100% submersible use only; during its heating time, the heater must be 100% submerged in the water.

Aqueon Preset Heater

Aqueon Preset Heater

This heater needs no adjusting! The preset temperature has been calibrated to 78°, which is appropriate for many tropical fish. This 50W unit, ideal for aquariums up to 20G, is totally submersible, made of shatter-resistant quartz glass and features an automatic safety shut-off to avoid overheating. The heaters include suction cups and may be placed vertically or horizontally inside the aquarium. An LED indicator light displays red once it is actively heating.

DaToo Aquarium Heater

DaToo Aquarium Heater

The DaToo fish tank heater comes with an adjustable temperature. You’ll be able to easily get the temperature you want (68 to 93°F) and you can read the temperature you set on the dial of the fish tank heater. The shell of the DaToo fish tank heater is created with unbreakable, corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant microcrystalline glass (glass ceramics), which will be used in freshwater and saltwater. The heating part is made of nickel-chromium alloy, which guarantees superior heat transfer and increased service life.

Each plastic component of the DaToo fish tank heater is made of durable and high-quality plastic. The process of heating doesn’t produce invisible toxins. This means it’s safe not just for your fish but for you as well. In stepwise heating mode, it’ll automatically turn on and off to keep your set temperature and reduce electricity consumption.


Hygger aquarium heater

The controller is simple to program and only displays the temperature in Fahrenheit. Keep the controller away from water; it’s not waterproof. The heater has a built-in thermometer and is an automatic aquarium thermostat. After finishing the temperature setting, you can be confident that it will maintain the tank water at the temperature you set.

The tank heater can stop heating once the water temperature reaches the set temperature; it’ll restart heating when the water temperature is 1℉ off the set temperature. If the water temperature is over 95 °C, the heater can be auto-shutted with an LED displaying HH. It’ll work normally again when the water temperature is less than 95 °C.

Tetra HT

Tetra 26446 HT

Tetra HT heaters have two indicator lights (red and green) to let you know when the heater is heating (red) or on standby (green). The low-voltage thermostat maintains water at 78°F with no adjustment needed. Make sure to purchase the right heater for your tank size. Purchasing a heater too small for your tank can cause underheating. It’s critical to confirm your tank is provided with a hood or glass canopy to contain the heat inside the fish tank. All Tetra HT heaters can shut off if an electrical short is detected for your safety.

Orlushy Mini Heater

Orlushy Mini Heater​

The Orlushy Digital Smart Fish Tank Heater is a compact submersible 2-in-1 unit for smaller tanks. The Digital Smart Fish Tank Heater is a heater and thermometer combined into one, eliminating the requirement for more equipment in smaller tanks. The unit sticks to the side of your aquarium with two suckers and is small enough to not protrude into the compact tank. The front has a clear-to-see display that’s simple to set.

Simply use the press switch on the power cable to set the required temperature for your water. Once it’s set, the smart heater can show the actual temperature of the water on the display. Then it’ll automatically heat the water to the set temperature. The sensitive and reliable thermostat at the core of the oval-shaped unit can then maintain a constant water temperature.

ZEETOON mini heater

Fish Tank Heater Guide

The ZEETOON mini heater is ideal for the mini fish tank under 5 gal/20L. All shapes and materials of fish tanks, whether glass or plastic, can be used. It provides constant heat for your pet fish to remain healthy and is suitable both for freshwater and saltwater. Intelligent temperature regulation is very simple to use. 1 stick-on thermometer strip Eliminates your fear of not confirming the heating temperature.

Created by a heat-resistant ABS housing, sandy quartz filler, and an MCH alumina ceramic heating system that is anti-explosion and cracking, it’s scald-preventing for your pets, safe operation for you, and very stable to use.



Orlushy fish tank Heaters are made of thermal shatter-resistant quartz glass and were designed to absorb impacts, making them extremely durable. A power indicator light, which turns on when the unit is heating, can be positioned at a horizontal or vertical angle.

Adjustable fish tank marine museum water heater A sensitive and reliable thermostat maintains the same temperature. Automatic turn off when the temperature is reached. It can be used in fresh or saltwater fish tanks. It comes with a 6-foot electric cord.

Marina compact heater

Marina Compact Heater

This heater was designed to achieve and maintain the set temperature of 26 oC (78 oF), provided that the difference between the ambient and set temperature is less than 5 oC (9 oF). Variables like lower room temperature, wide temperature fluctuations, lack of a fish tank cover, presence of pumps and filters or fish tank placement in proximity to cooling sources may need higher wattage for correct control for the given tank size.

If the set temperature isn’t reached in all conditions, it’ll most likely be necessary to increase the heating power. We recommend monitoring fish tank temperature on a daily basis with a reliable aquarium thermometer.

Some Important Q&A About Heaters

What is the use of a heater in a fish tank?

A fish tank heater is a device used in the fishkeeping hobby to warm the temperature of the water in a fish tank. Most tropical freshwater and saltwater fish do not live in cold water.

Where should the heater be placed in the fish tank?

In an in-home fish tank, the most effective location for placing a heater is close to the maximum water flow, similar to the outlet (or inlet) from the filter or in the stream of a powerhead. Having water flow directly past the heater is what quickly and equally disperses heated water throughout the tank.

Do I leave my fish tank heater on?

Yes, you can leave the heater on 24/7. Fish tank heaters have an inside thermostat that turns off the heat once it reaches a selected temperature, thus keeping the water temperature within some degrees of the required setting.

Can fish die if the water is too cold?

Some fish are cold-water fish that live in cool lakes, streams, and rivers. However, the very fact that they’re cold-water fish doesn’t mean that they should be kept at frigid temperatures. Once the water is too cold, they may stop feeding, begin hibernating, or die.

Do all fish need heaters?

If you’re keeping tropical fish, you’ll need a heater. A heater ensures that a tank doesn’t get too cool, so the temperature stays steady during the day, even once the room cools off (e.g., at night). For several tropical fish, a temperature of 78 °F is good.

Is Aquarium Heater Important?

Did you recognize that most tropical fish are cold-blooded animals? Being cold-blooded means they cannot control their own temperature, so they cannot keep themselves warm. Different types of fish also have different body temperatures, so when buying your fish, choose ones that have similar temperature requirements; otherwise, you’ll find that some will die.

How do I Know What Type of Fish Tank Heater to Buy?

It all depends on the size and type of your fish tank and, therefore, the type of fish you plan on buying. There are three basic types of heaters out there. There is the fish tank heater that simply hangs on the side of the tank. The hanging types of heaters are the most basic heating units and are okay to be used in smaller aquariums. There is also a submersible-style fish tank heater.

This is the type of aquarium heater that’s dropped fully into the water to heat and warm the fish tank. These are more convenient and reliable than a heater that hangs on the side of the tank because they provide more consistent heat for the fish. The heating cable system is also used and is usually used in aquariums with live plants. This is the most effective fish tank heater because it provides continuous, even heat throughout the fish tank.

It is expensive, but it could be a better heater than the other two types of fish tank heaters. Since most fish are cold-blooded, they want to heat to make sure that they stay alive and live well. A fish tank heater has become a necessary item in most home aquariums. If you are unsure of what type of heater is needed for your fish tank, then your local pet shop or fish tank shop is the best place to ask.