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Best Automatic Fish Food Feeder for Aquarium

If you plan to take a vacation this summer, then you must find a way to ensure that your fish are well-fed, as you simply cannot neglect them. Fish need to eat every day; otherwise, they will get hungry, but what are you going to do if no one is around at home to care for them? Fortunately, there is a solution that is readily available, and that is by purchasing an automatic fish feeder. 

As the name suggests, these are devices that attach to the top of a fish tank aquarium and dispense food automatically on a timed schedule. This is extremely beneficial, as it means that you can take that long-awaited vacation and not have to worry that your fish will not be fed. All you will need to do is load up the feeder with food and program it according to your needs. 

Before getting started with an automatic fish feeder, it is definitely important that you read the instruction manual, as these devices can be rather complicated to use. Once it is programmed, there is not much maintenance required after that. Another added benefit is that the task of feeding your fish can be completely automated, so you can focus your attention on other things. 

The best part, too, is that these food dispensers are very affordable, with many fish owners being pleasantly surprised at how well they work. Just be sure that you choose a quality brand name, as you will get better value for your money. If you are not sure which one to get, then view our best fish feeders. 

In this review, we present the top automatic fish food feeders primarily based on our checking out and assessment. We have assessed each feeder’s installation manner, programming talents, electricity source, and reliability to determine the exceptional options for each rimless and rimmed tank. 

Why are automatic fish food feeders important for fish owners?

Before diving into our review, let’s take a second to understand why automatic fish food feeders are important for fish owners, specifically when they’re away for an extended period. 

Leaving your fish in the care of an inexperienced person could have disastrous outcomes. Overfeeding is not an unusual mistake made properly—that means by buddies or family who might not have adequate information regarding aquariums. This can lead to a buildup of excess meals in the tank, resulting in water pollution and expanded stages of ammonia and nitrates. These dangerous situations may be detrimental to the health of your fish, doubtless even causing fatalities. 

By using an automated fish food feeder, you could ensure that your fish receive the right quantity of food at the proper times. These feeders allow for specific element management and scheduled feedings, getting rid of the danger of overfeeding. However, it is vital to note that computerized feeders must now not be used as a long-term substitute for manual feeding. Regular observation of your fish at the same time as they devour is essential to making certain they eat all the food and preventing any accumulation of uneaten meals in the tank. 

Testing Methodology 

To provide you with correct and reliable guidelines, we conducted a radical test on five one-of-a-kind automated fish food feeders. Each feeder was installed in various aquariums in our facility, and we determined their overall performance over several weeks. Our assessment centered on the following key factors: 

  • Installation: We assessed the ease of setup for every feeder on different varieties of tanks, such as rimless tanks and tanks with rims. We also examined the stability of the clamp that holds the feeder in place and its compatibility with specific tank setups. 
  • Programming: We evaluated the simplicity and consumer friendliness of the programming method for every feeder. This protected putting in place scheduled feeding instances and adjusting component sizes. 
  • Power Source: We examined the power source requirements for each feeder, whether they relied on batteries or needed to be plugged into a strong supply. Additionally, we took into consideration whether or not the batteries were disposable or rechargeable. 
  • Reliability: We assessed the overall reliability of each feeder, inclusive of their capacity to hold correct feeding schedules and whether external factors such as energy outages affected their operation. 

Based on our testing and analysis, we are now able to talk about the top automated fish food feeders and their respective functions, pros, and cons.

Here are some Best Automatic Fish Food Feeder



Fish are intelligent, feeling beings. They know when it’s time to eat, when they’re hungry, and when they need to stop. Sometimes they’ll even ask you to feed them. But what happens when they don’t? With the Lukovee Automatic Fish Feeder, you won’t have to worry about that. It provides food for your fish, day or night. It automatically feeds your fish, so you can relax and know that your fish will be taken care of.


TopBry Automatic Fish Feeder

If you love to spend time fishing, you need the TopBry Automatic Fish Feeder to make your day at the lake more enjoyable. It’s a great way to make sure your fish have food when you’re not there. It’s also a great way to feed your fish quickly or when you’re not there. The TopBry Automatic Fish Feeder is easy to use, and it’s designed to hold up to 2 lbs of fish food.


Aoyar fish feeder

This fish feeder works great in both big and small tanks because it gives the fish exactly what they need. Any kind of food will work, and it’s good for all of your fish, turtles, snails, and other pets that you may keep in your tank. You don’t have to take the timer feeder off to add food to the fish. To finish, all you have to do is gently push in the opening at the top. You can also choose how much fish food to put in based on the number and size of the fish. The feeder will then spin 360° at the time you set to feed the fish.


Torlam fish feeder

This automatic fish feeder has a top opening that makes it easy to add food. You can change how much food is given out without having to take the food bucket out of the tank. If you want to rotate the container by hand, press the “Manual” button. Also, once you’ve set up automatic feeding, you can always feed them by hand by hitting the “Manual” button whenever you think they might not have enough food. You can choose between two ways to set up the feeder. One way is to use the holder to attach the feeder to the wall of the tank. Another option is to stick the feeder on the tank cover with a two-sided sticker.


Noodoky fish feeder

This is the Noodoky USB Charging Automatic Fish Feeder, an automatic fish feeder that is safe for fish. It’s simple to use and gives your fish food that is good for them. It is battery-operated, so it doesn’t need electricity to work. The feeder is made in the United States from plastic that is safe for food. To put food in the 200-ml feeding bucket, slide the top hole down and fill it up. There’s no need to take the feeding bucket off. With a full charge, you can use it for three to six months without having to think about changing the battery. It has a stainless-steel tray that comes with the device.


Barkmew fish feeder

Barkmew Automatic Fish Feeder is an automatic feeder that is designed to keep fish alive. The feeder works with both fresh and saltwater and is also easy to clean. It can be connected to a hose for easy filling, and it can hold up to 6 pounds of food. The feeding time is pre-programmed, and the feeding duration can be customized to your pet’s needs. This fish feeder will make sure that your pet gets food when it needs it. This Fish Feeder can help your pet stay healthy and happy.


FISHNOSH fish feeder

This is a battery-powered automatic fish feeder that lets you feed your fish without having to fill up the tank again. It uses a timer that will dispense food for up to 8 hours, so you don’t have to worry about your fish getting hungry or the food running out. The timer can also be adjusted to dispense the food at a time of your choosing. People who don’t have time to fill up their small fish tanks every day will love this feeder.


FYD Automatic Fish Feeder

The FYD Automatic Fish Feeder is safe for people to use because it feeds fish on its own. There is a timer built into the machine that lets it give out food for a set amount of time. The product is made from steel that is safe for food. This metal is strong and won’t rust. You can put the lid on the tank’s wall or side, and it won’t leak. The device can be used with both fresh and salt water. 


Petbank automatic fish feeder

Petbank is an automatic fish feeder that is designed to help pet owners feed their fish without having to constantly monitor the tank. It automatically senses when food is added and dispenses a specific amount of food for the fish. It is also easy to clean.

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