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Now Start to Set up Aquarium

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# Volume of water in the aquarium

It is very easy to multiply the size of your aquarium by putting it in inches. As if your aquarium has a measuring length, width, and height of 3 feet, 2 feet, and 1 foot, respectively, then type it in inches, multiply it from one to another, and then divide it by 64. (36 “× 24″ × 12”) ÷ 64 = 162 litres, Your aquarium contains approximately 162 litres of water; in this way, you can find the ability of water in different-sized aquariums.

# Water Setup

First of all, find out the capacity of water, and then add one gramme of salt per litre according to the terms. For example, putting 100 grammes of salt in 100 litres of water can be very simple. It should be natural salt (white rock salt or sea salt). You can also use ordinary food salt; it also does not harm you. By adding salt, some insects present in the water die, and on some days the water becomes shiny, even if they do not harm any kind of salt fish, aquatic plants, snails, etc. Instead of using salt, you do not use the medicine available on the market to a great extent; your fish remains healthy. This gives them a natural environment.

# Electronic

Some very necessary power tools are also needed for us; an air pump and a power filter are both essential tools that keep the water clean and the fish healthy. Air pump bubbles dissolve oxygen in water and keep the flow in the water through the power filter, which keeps the oxygen in the water floating in the water.

# Aquarium Decoration

We get to see many species of fish. According to their species and size, the environment of their lives is also different; big fish usually want more open space to swim, while small fish are well-planted. Aquariums look good, and some species of fish hide, to build houses, and to make their neighbourhoods known. Therefore, decorations should also be in line with their behaviour.

# Selection of Fish

The choice of fish should be based on the size of the aquarium and what species of fish can live simultaneously. Fish like Peace, Oscar, and Shark grow faster, while fish of the goldfish and cichlid species do not live together. Therefore, it is necessary to know about their behaviour and size while choosing the election.

#Habitat and Diet

Information about the natural habitat and their diet of fish is necessary for the weather and the state they are accustomed to, such as cold or hot weather, sweet or brackish water, etc. A meal is essential. Diet is when and how much quantity should be given that information. Compared to large fish, smaller fish require more food and more frequent food because they have to grow faster.

# Interest of Family Members

If you are interested in household members, then maintenance of anything is easy. In the event of your departure, the people of the house will take care of the fish’s diet and health. In general, if the fish eats once in the stomach, it can remain without eating for 10–12 days. Even then, there are holiday foods in the market that you can use in case of going out; they are submerged in your aquarium and very slowly melt in 2-4 days, so the hungry fish eat their work and eat them.