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Best Aquarium | Fish Tank Filter

Fish tank filters provide the most basic and important task of any other equipment in your aquarium. It filters out waste and chemical pollutants from the water, optimizing it to sustain aquatic life. The fish tank is very different from the natural environment that the fish originated from, and what the filter does is try to match that environment as closely as humanly possible. While the ecosystem we create in an aquarium will never be as perfect as that created by nature, with the proper selection of fish tan filters, you will have one that will sustain healthy fish for years to come.

There are numerous brands and models of fish tank filters in the marketplace today, and many people, especially those new to the hobby, might feel overwhelmed by which to choose. In this article, you can choose the right fish tank filter for your aquarium.

Here are Some Best Aquarium | Fish Tank Filters



The Marineland Penguin Bio-wheel filters’ outstanding durability is one of their primary selling factors. A Marineland filter frequently continues to function well after three, four, or even five years. Contrast that with a few other filters on the market, which are fortunate to last you a full year.

When compared to other filters, the Marineland filter stands out because its interior is roomy and easy to adjust. This means that bio-balls, filter floss, and other filter accessories can be added, which can make the water quality in any tank much better.

Tetra Whisper IQ

Tetra Whisper IQ filter

This Whisper filter is a very quiet aquarium filter. The company Tetra makes this filter, which comes in different sizes for filtering both inside and outside. Compared to many other brands, these filters are reasonably priced. It is a readily accessible product that is offered in the majority of aquatic retail outlets and numerous websites that sell aquarium supplies.


AquaClear filter

The Aquaclear 50 is a greatly improved update over the bio-wheel 100 and has twice the flow rate (200GPH) compared to the bio-wheel 100 (100GPH). Although the bio-wheel range also offers higher flow rates, I wanted to test out a different filtration company. My aquarium’s water hasn’t been this pure in a while.  


AQUA-TECH filter

Three stages of filtration are provided by each AQUA-Tech Power Filter for fish and cleaner water. The aquarium water’s poisonous ammonia and nitrites are removed from the filter cartridge through the BIO-Fiber after it has been processed to remove odors and small waste particles.    

Tetra Whisper

Tetra Whisper filter

Tetra Whisper Power Filter is quite simple to use. The water pump is within the aquarium as opposed to the tank at the back of the filter since it has an internal motor. All you have to do to get it to start pumping is plug it in. The filter is also quite thanks to the internal motor.

Fluval FX4

Fluval FX4 filter

Consider the excellent Fluval FX4 canister filter as a great alternative. It has a lot of power for such a small device, and it will significantly improve the water quality in your tank. Reviewing the FX4 was at the top of our list because we had been hearing excellent things about it for a while.   

AquaClear 70

AquaClear aquarium filter

The AquaClear 70 Power Filter is reasonably priced, effective, and silent. All of your water travels through the filter material thanks to the bottom-up design, which is often exclusively used in canister filters. Due to the spacious and convenient compartment, it is simple to custom-fit bespoke media. AquaClear Foam, Activated Carbon, BioMax, and Cycle Guard are included. Mechanical, chemical, and biological filtration are all provided by this medium.           

MarineLand Penguin

MarineLand Penguin filter

You may come across the Marineland Magnum Filter if you are looking for a new filtration system for a sizable aquarium. It is an internal, reasonably compact filtration equipment that is used for big tanks and makes use of all the main filtration techniques. To determine whether the Marineland Magnum Polishing Internal Canister Filter is appropriate for your aquarium, we are conducting a thorough review of it today.   

Frequently Asked Questions

How Important Are Aquarium Filters?

Fish tank filters are crucial—necessary—in any aquarium. An extremely important system that keeps the aquatic life in your tank healthy and bright is formed by aquarium filters and fish tank heaters. It’s up to you to decide which fish tank filter works best for you. Even though different filters function differently, they all serve the same fundamental function, which is to remove foreign objects and dirt from the water that would otherwise contaminate it.


Why Does a Tank Need a Filter?

The filter serves as the tank’s “heart” by ensuring that the water is always moving and preventing stagnation. In stagnant water, ammonia can accumulate and cause damage to your plants, fish, and shrimp. The tank can only hold a certain amount of oxygen due to the absence of water flow. You will need to perform frequent water changes and watch how many creatures you maintain in the tank if you want to have a tiny tank without a filter or air stone. The circulation of gases and nutrients throughout the tank, which gives your aquarium residents the necessities for a healthy life, depends on moving water. The water column will be kept clean and clear with the aid of a correctly functioning filter, giving you the clearest possible picture of your tank.


Different Types of Aquarium Filters

Canister Filters

These are some of the best filters in the market today. Canister filters function by suctioning out the water from the tank, and pumping them through the canister which is divided into various chambers where they undergo mechanical, biological, and chemical filtration before being pumped back into the water. Canister filters are ideal for people who have little time for aquarium maintenance as they would only need to be maintained once every quarter or more while keeping the tank water purified. Because the canister is situated outside of the fish tank, they are very easy to clean and do not make a mess. However, it comes with a high price. Their suction power is also generally strong which would not be great for small aquariums or ones where you would keep small, weak aquatic life.

Diatom Filters


These filters would give you one of the best filtrations compared to any other filter. Diatom filters use microscopic-sized earth particles are their filter media which do an excellent job at filtering out even the most minute of waste matter. Your fish will be swimming in the cleanest water they have ever been in. Just like the Canister Filter, these filters also come with a high price. Also, they require special maintenance and handling. The diatom media is so minute that if you accidentally breathe it in, it can affect your lungs. So they are more suitable for more experienced breeders with special fish that require great care.



These filters are very common especially if you buy your starter aquarium as a set. E filter consists of a raised base and gravel is layered on top acting as the filter media. Water is sucked through the gravel which traps waste matter, providing mechanical as well as biological filtration. Though it has received its share of bad press, it does function fairly well as a starter kit. The gravel needs to be vacuumed periodically to prevent it from getting clogged and diseased from decaying waste. It also does not have too strong suction, so is good for a small tank and weakfish.


Corner Filters

These are probably the cheapest filters you can find. I do not fancy these filters for some reason. Firstly, the filter media, usually a sponge, sits in a box that is also soaked in the aquarium water which is not hygienic. Secondly, cleaning the media will be messy, which involves removing the whole filter from inside the tank and taking out the filter media. This also involves placing your hands inside the water which will not be good for the fish. If this is what you can afford then it’s better than nothing but try to move up to one of the other filters soon.

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